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USGI Very good condition Vietnam era M16A1 buttstock with brand new plastic trap door, triangular handguards and pistol grip....$147.00 for the set plus shipping.

USGI Good condition Vietnam era M16A1 buttstock with new plastic trap door (trap door not USGI), triangular handguards and pistol grip.....$89.00 for the set plus shipping.

USGI Fair condition Vietnam era M16A1 buttstock with new plastic trap door (trap door not USGI) and used buttplate housing.......$69.00 for the set plus shipping

USGI M16A1, Vietnam era buttstock assembly, with complete buttplate, rear swivel and screw. Very good condition, hand sorted. Great for building or restoring your SP1. Brand new buttplate housing. Brand new plastic trap door. Reparkarized sling swivel and swivel screw.
Satisfaction guaranteed - 89.00

M16A1 buttstock assembly, same description as above, except it is built with a good quality new plastic trap door.
Satisfaction guaranteed
Good condition - 49.00
Fair condition (no junk) - 39.00

USGI M16 Vietnam era buttstock assembly, early model without trap door.
It's very hard to find this early rare stock in the conditions listed below.

Satisfaction guaranteed.
Very Good cond - 95.00 Out of stock.
Good cond - 69.00
Fair cond (no junk) - 49.00

Stock pictured below is in excellent condition. Price on Request.

Pistol grip

USGI, M16 / M16A1 / AR15 Vietnam era, pistol grip. Original finish, sharp knurling. Hand picked.

Very good condition - 19.00
Good condition - 12.00
Fair condition (no junk) - 8.00

Triangular Handgaurd Set

USGI M16/M16A1, Vietnam era, triangular handgaurd set. Hand picked, original finish. Build your own SP1.
Satisfaction guaranteed, rare, the real thing.

Before the handguards listed below were sold, government workers slightly demilled, or lightly bent the aluminum heat shields inside most of the handguards. This does not have any effect on the handguard's integrity or outside appearance.

Very good condition - 59.00
Good condition - 39.00 per set.
Fair condition(no junk) - 29.00 per set.

An example of the very good demilled handguards can be seen below. It's confined to one or two small area on each handguard.

The handguards below are an example of fair condition handguards.

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